What is Bhikkhu? What does wearing Ti Huu jewelry mean?

What is Bhikkhu?

Bhikkhu is a sacred mascot in legends worshiped by folk. According to legend, the dragon gave birth to 9 children: Si still, Phu Hi, Ben Ngan, Bi Hi, Toan Nghe, Bo Lao, Trao Phong, Nhai Xe and Ti Huu are the 9th child. Possessing the best appearance, Full convergence of the most beautiful things of other animals that none of the remaining 8 children have, such as: Head like Unicorn, has horns on his head, body as big as a bear and has wings. But ironically, from birth, Bhikkhu has been born with a deformity that does not have an anus, so after a few days of birth, she died. Because Bhikkhu died at a very young age, Ngoc Hoang was moved to become a mascot of the heavenly family that specializes in helping with fortune.

According to human recitation, Bhikkhu has two different types, shapes, names and meanings:

Bhikkhu Thien Loc: A type of Bhikkhu with a majestic appearance, having two horns on his head, large belly and wide mouth. The main food is gold and silver, so Bhikkhu Thien Loc is meant to protect wealth and bring wealth to homeowners.

Bhikkhu Tưu Tà: This is a species of Tý Huu with a fierce appearance, with a horn on his head, always open wide. According to legend, Bhikkhu Tzu Ta specializes in using his horn to destroy all kinds of demons, its main food is the spirit of the demon, so Bhikkhu Tzu Ta is considered a feng shui mascot banishing evil spirits, bring peace to the homeowner.

What does wearing Ti Huu jewelry mean in feng shui?

Ti Huu jewelry is a type of feng-shui jewelry including: retirement pendant, male-female retirement, retirement bracelet, … The materials commonly used in Bhikkhu’s custom jewelry online are stones. natural, jade and gold, silver, …blank

The meaning of Bhikkhu’s colors in feng shui:

Black: The black color of Bhikkhu is blessed with wealth, bringing wealth and wealth to the homeowner.

Red: The red Bhikkhu is meant to protect health and protect family happiness.

Green: The green Bhikkhu brings luck to the homeowner on the career path.

In addition, Ti Huu jewelry has some other colors such as white, brown, yellow, … which are meaningful to bring wealth, prosperity and luck in the career when matching with the air of homeowners.blank

In order for Bhikkhu’s adornment to maximize its effects, the color of Bhikkhu’s fate is very important. In order to make it easier for you to choose the color that suits your destiny, Bao Tin Jewelry has put together a table of years of birth and colors suitable for each destiny.