Swimming Vs Gym, Which One Is Better?

Currently, many people do not know what subject they should practice, do not know whether to exercise or swim. Choosing which job to do depends on the personal preferences and condition of each person. And every sport has its good and bad sides. Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both subjects.

Swimming strengths:

Swimming strengths

Swimming strengths

Swimming helps to improve muscle strength

For those who regularly swim will develop muscles in a comprehensive way, if athletes focus on developing calves only, the swimmers will develop muscle groups that help move easily underneath the water environment. While swimming, you must regularly pedal and fan arms while your back has to stretch and rotate, your abdomen pulls in to strengthen your legs and keep your body steady. Therefore, this is a sports activity that makes your body perfect.

Swimming helps strengthen bones

The researchers answered the question of how good is swimming every day? Not only is it good, but it can also help make bones stronger and more supple. Since swimming requires you to stretch, stretch, and turn to push yourself through the water, your ankles will resemble fish fins and stretch each time you swim to relieve the water pressure. Repeating these movements will make you more supple and flexible.

Swimming consumes large amounts of calories

One of the main benefits of swimming is the strength of the heart muscle. Losing pills will also reduce the progression of the disease in other areas, in addition to being a great way to burn calories. Depending on your swimming style and intensity of swimming it can burn the same or more calories as running.

You can refer to this link for more benefits of swimming details: 10 Benefits Of Swimming You Must Know

Gym Strengths:

Gym strengths

Gym strengths

Strengthens your muscles

The gym is especially effective for men, helping men strengthen their muscles, perform high-physical work easily. When you work out, weak muscle tissue is removed and rebuilds into bigger, stronger, new muscle tissue.

Helps to increase vitality

The gym also has another effect that is to enhances the physiological capacity of both women and men. Regular exercise promotes the body to increase metabolism, increase lung capacity, increase heart rate will make your endurance increase.

Help increase Testosterone levels and prevent the decline of Testosterone in men; Estrogen enhancement for women, thereby improving sexual ability.

Exercise can prevent disease

Many studies of scientists show that: Regular exercise helps improve cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol, prevent stroke, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis … Besides, you also prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, cancer. Regular exercise makes the body healthier, enhancing the resistance to fight off disease. You will have a healthy body, abundant health for work, study, enjoy life, and live longer.

However, any subject will have its weakness:

Swimming weakness:

– Being immersed in the pool continuously will cause your skin and hair to dry and break quickly. So when going swimming, always remember to use enough swimming goggles and a swimming cap to avoid affected vision and frizzy hair.

– Pools with good hygienic quality are usually quite a few, so you need to be careful to find a safe pool.

– Not to mention that you go swimming in the summer, your skin can catch the sun and your skin is prone to burning, sunburn. As for swimming indoors for 4 seasons, the cost will not be cheap.

Gym weakness:

– If you do not exercise properly, it can easily lead to serious injuries such as sprains, deviation, … Not to mention that when you exercise, serious instruction is very important, otherwise it will reverse the effect. . You want to lose weight, but by doing the wrong exercises, it turns into muscle gain, weight gain.

– It is difficult to develop comprehensively in height for teenagers. Because you want to grow in height, you must practice the correct technique. But for teenagers, this is very difficult.

– Not suitable for the elderly and people with joint problems, especially knee and wrist joints.

Through the above information, we can all agree on the advantages and disadvantages of both subjects. However, in the long term and especially for women, swimming will have many benefits and drawbacks than the gym, there will be almost no significant side effects if you are well prepared.

And swimming is suitable for any age from children, teenagers till elder people, everyone can go swimming, even a pregnant woman. And finally, it’s a life skill which everyone should have. Not only is it good for your health, but you never know when you’ll need your ability to swim. Just to remember when you go swimming, bring fully your guards to protect your eye-vision, your hair.

Moreover, which subject you choose depends on the preferences of each person. Wish you find the subject you love and suitable for you!


Which Exercise Is Better, Gym Or Swimming?