Pure silver and Thai silver female ring – Can you tell the differences?

Silver rings are quite popular and favorite accessories recently. With the diversity of designs as well as silver materials such as pure silver, Thai silver, Italian silver, … In which, in terms of personality in each style, it is necessary to mention Thai female silver rings. So what is the difference between Thai silver and pure female silver rings, let’s learn through the following article.

A summary of the Thai female silver ring and the pure female silver

Silver is a precious metal that has been used for thousands of years to make money, objects, and jewelry. In addition, silver has antibacterial properties and toxic anaerobic winds, so it is very popular to use as a health protector. The properties of silver are quite soft and can be spun into many different objects or jewelry.

Pure female silver ring

Silver also known as pure silver contains 99.99% silver, similar to the precious metal is gold. Silver is also quite soft, so the process is quite difficult and does not create too many diverse designs, usually has a thickness to limit the softness, easy to change the shape of silver.

Pure silver ring usually designed in simple or plain shape

Pure silver ring usually designed in simple or plain shape

The female pure silver ring design is quite simple and not fussy due to its characteristics. Pure silver rings are often used primarily as windproof, bactericidal properties to protect the wearer’s health. The price of pure silver rings is calculated according to the price of silver in stock on the market, usually by the quantity of silver multiplied by the price of a silver bar plus the processing cost.

Thai female silver rings

Thai Silver is an exclusive Thai formula with 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of the most common other metals, including copper. Due to the structural composition, Thai silver is quite sturdy and not soft like pure silver, it is easy to manipulate many different designs with accuracy to each millimeter.

Thai silver is quite tough and easily designed in different shape

Thai silver is quite tough and easily designed in different shape

The characteristic feature of Thai silver is the color of silver, not pure white like Italian silver, nor as dark as metallic silver. Thai Silver is brown and black in color because it is heated to create its distinctive color.

What is the difference between two types of silver?

As mentioned above, unlike the flexibility of silver, Thai silver is quite tough and easily shaped differently.

The difference in style

The designs and pattern details of Thai female silver rings are quite unique, somewhat pitiful. In addition, the pattern has the characteristics of ancient Thai culture. Thanks to the unique and eye-catching details and colors, Thai female silver rings have been gaining the love of many young women. Recently, it has gradually become a sought-after fashion trend.

The difference in life circle

Another highlight of Thai silver is its characteristic dark brown color that has to undergo a smoking process. Therefore, the color of Thai silver jewelry in general and Thai female silver rings, in particular, is quite durable over time, hardly discolored after a period of use.

Thai silver ring lovers are usually young people with a strong personality, dusty fashion style that shows their bravery and abilities.

In addition to Thai female silver ring designs, there are also many less strong designs, adding more feminine features, contributing to enhancing the creativity designed from Thai silver material.

It can be summarized that in terms of the purity of the silver, pure silver rings have high silver content. However, it is quite soft and difficult to manipulate to different designs. Thai female silver rings are quite diverse in style, have durability over time and its design strongly depicts the wearer’s personality.

Each type of silver jewelry has different designs depending on the needs and preferences of each person. Wish you will have the right silver jewelry choices to confirm your fashion style personality.

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