Health Benefits Of Gold Jewelry

Wearing gold is good for health or not is a question that many people are concerned about. Wearing gold jewelry according to research by experts in the fields of gold and medicine shows that wearing gold plays an important role in improving health, especially in improving some diseases such as preventing arthritis. , helps boost immunity and alleviate anxiety, stress.

Helps regulate body temperature

Helps regulate body temperature

There are many people having health problems such as chills or hot flashes, fluctuations in body temperature, wearing gold jewelry will help you balance body temperature. Women of menopause are more likely to experience signs of hot flashes, so wearing gold jewelry can significantly improve this problem.

Bring a sense of relaxation

If you are in a state of sadness and even depression, gold can make you happy and have more positive thoughts, helping to overcome the negative thoughts in your mind, giving you a new, gentle energy, blood vessels circulate and increase oxygen to the cells in the body.

In medicine it is thought that gold can help increase a large amount of oxygen through the body and promote the work of the other parts of your body, good blood circulation can prevent many diseases.

Support for the treatment of arthritis diseases

For people with arthritis they often experience pain that can lead to inability to move their arms or legs. Wearing gold can help improve this disease, it can soothe your pain, help you forget the pain is raging in your body.


Reduce stress and stress

There are many things in life that make you worry and stress. Do not worry too much, choosing for yourself a few suitable gold gifts jewelry can make you more confident and comfortable, confident to communicate with people, it can help you reduce any stress. comfort, comfort to you.

Treatment of skin diseases

To the Romans, they applied gold to the treatment of skin infections and succeeded, so many dermatologists have studied, tested and confirmed that gold is capable of doing brightens skin, helps skin look younger and younger.

Gold benefits in feng shui

Ancient people thought that wearing gold would help them to have a comfortable spirit, show that they are materialistic. Gold in feng shui means richness, wealth and wealth. That’s why wearing gold also becomes important. It not only beautifies the person who wears it, but you bring good luck, dispel bad omen.

Who should not bring gold

Gold has benefits that we mentioned above. however, not everyone can wear gold. Some people with sensitive and emotional nervous systems should not wear gold because wearing gold will affect the metabolism in the body leading to phenomena such as dizziness and nausea, there have been a few cases. Wearing gold leads to conditions like depression.

People with sensitive nervous systems should not wear too much or look too long on gold jewelry as it can easily make your illness come back. When choosing a ring or watch, shaking hands should not choose these jewelry which are tight or too big because it will block the blood vessels in the capillaries, causing difficult blood circulation, affecting your health.