Expert reveals the reason why silver jewelry keeps getting dull

Silver jewelry has long been an indispensable accessory for many people, but not everyone knows the characteristic properties of this product. Naturally, the silver color is tarnished after a certain time of wearing, no longer as bright and shiny as at first. Below is an expert explanation of this issue.

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is black not because of poor quality but because of the user’s body

In fact, there are many people who like to use silver, but after using it for a while, they notice that the brightness, gloss, and durability of the product have decreased. Especially when wear it on, you will see the appearance of silver is dull, darker especially for people with oily sweat, sweat a lot, or when they get sick… and wondering why is that. After many years of experience, experts claim that silver becomes duller and darker because of the characteristics of human body, not the quality of the product.

You can’t prevent your silver jewelry from turning black even when you wear pure one, there is still a combination of silver with sulfur to form silver salts. The only way to help your silver jewelry shine is to polish them regularly and should not wear them continuously. If someone sweat that is high in acid, it will make silver more susceptible to turning black. Silver is involved in a chemical reaction with acids, which oxidizes the silver. Therefore, if you see your wearing silver jewelry is discolored, do not worry because it is just a normal natural reaction.

Several methods to overcome the phenomenon of silver dullness

In case the silver jewelry that you are using is dull or black or less bright compared to the beginning, you can refer to some ways to renew your 925 silver jewelry as follows:

  • Low heat the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to brighten the silver jewelry as it was;

  • Using toothpaste and brush to clean your silver jewelry

  • Using a mildly boiled salt-lemon liquid and vodka mixture to wash your silver jewelry is also effective.

If you have done all those ways above but it is not effective, you can bring your silver jewelry to professional stores to have them polished.

Cleansing silver jewelry

Cleansing silver jewelry


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