Discover the materials that make up brand leather bags

Túi da hàng hiệu là món đồ mà rất nhiều chị em yêu thích. Phần lớn chúng ta khi mua sắm túi hiệu chỉ để ý đến kiểu dáng, thương hiệu, màu sắc mà ít quan tâm đến chất liệu làm nên chúng và chất lượng thật sự để chúng sở hữu số tiền cao hơn rất nhiều lần. Để làm nên một túi da hàng hiệu bao gồm rất nhiều yếu tố song chất liệu da là một điểm cực kỳ quan trọng.

Traditional cowhide

Cow leather handbags are indeed not strange, from popular, medium and high-end handbags, this material is still used quite a lot. Cowhide leather is popular because they have many sources, the materials are quite stable and varied to create different patterns.

But when making branded leather bags, the cowhide is more advanced when choosing a more thorough leather surface, better skin texture, minor error details such as scratches, pores are eliminated and processed. Combined with brand reputation, exclusive designs and other selling and advertising costs are the reason that the same materials but high-end bags have completely different prices from popular genuine leather handbags.

Cowhide leather also appears in high-end handbag stores

Cowhide leather also appears in high-end handbag stores

Luxurious with sheepskin

Sheepskin handbag products are not often seen because this is a rare ingredient. Therefore, this is also a product line that is often counterfeited or imitated. For girls who are new to brand-name toys, be really careful to check skin or get someone experienced to do it.

Sheepskin leather bags with unique designs, separate soft leather, striking colors with wine colors and red orange are quite eye-catching, unique, but the dye is difficult to mix. Sheepskin material not only shows class, shows you have a strong economy, but also helps you express your personality and fashion sense. Sheepskin handbags are in the top of branded leather bags because their raw materials are not only rare but also quite expensive, not everyone can see, let alone own. If you are a girl who will play and pay for it, be very careful to get a quality bag.

Crocodile leather handbag is the most luxurious item

Crocodile leather handbag is the most luxurious item

Rare crocodile skin

The most luxurious leather line is crocodile leather. Crocodile skin texture has cut down many ladies and ladies. With the distinctive texture, elegance and rarity of the bad, their value and brand increase in value a thousand times.

The toughest and most luxurious leather material of all skin types. The most special feature of the brand leather bag made of crocodile leather is that each bag will have a completely different leather, the design may look like but like a human hand flower, each crocodile is a unique leather pattern. Owning a crocodile leather bag is that you have exclusive ownership of a one-to-one bag.