9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

A father is considered ”the pillar” of family. Just like mothers, their responsibility is to raise their kids and give them the courage to face every problem in life. A meaningful gift on Father’s Day is what we need to express a part of our appreciation for all he has done for us. If you haven’t decided what to give your father yet, consider our 9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day below.

A Leather Wallet

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Leather Wallet

Different from women, men don’t use many kinds of bags or purses. They prefer something small, neat, portable, and useful that can contain money and cards. For that reason, a wallet is not a bad idea at all.

Besides, we highly recommend leather products because this material is durable and waterproof. A leather wallet is definitely a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

A Perfect Watch

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2

Watch for dad

Similar to women’s necklace and bracelet, the watch is regarded as “accessaries for men”. It’s time for you to help him change the old watch that he has used for many years.

 You can give him a luxurious Sweden watch if he is a watch collector. On the other hand, a smartwatch is also a good gadget to keep your beloved father fit and fine.

A Fascinating Book

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 3

Book for father

If your dad loves reading the book every morning, it can be another great option for this special occasion. There are more than 22 types of books, including fiction, fantasy, adventure, Crime & Mystery, Horror, Humor… and so on.

Depending on your father’s hobby, you can easily choose one or maybe many interesting books of different types for him on this Father’s Day.

An Elegant Perfume

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 4

Perfume for men

As you can see, perfume is not only for the lady. A gentleman can use a soft, pleasant, and manly scent to exude his charm and elegance. Some famous brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss… also created many unique perfumes for men.

This will be a surprise gift not only for your dad but also for your mom.

Personalized Mug

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 5

Daddy Mugs

Imagine your father’s smile whenever he sees the adorable mugs you gave him. What a wonderful thought, right? You can easily design the images, the colors, and other creative things in your mugs for dad.

Moreover, personalized mugs are not only an ideal gift for your dad on Father’s Day, but they also can be a perfect combo for your whole family.

Kit of Tools

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 6

Box of Tools

If your father is the one who repairs everything in your house, why don’t you give him a Kit of Tools? A kit is a full combo of tools such as a ruler, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, etc. It will be the most helpful present for your dad on the Day of Fathers.

Electric Razor

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 7

Electric Razor

Has your father been using old fashioned shavers for such a long time? These days will over with an electronic razor. It will surely make his life more comfortable and easier. Your father will feel like shaving all day with this modern device.

Backup charger

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 8

Backup Charger

A Backup charger is another useful item that you can give to your father on this special occasion. Everyone will feel annoyed when their phones are out of battery, especially when they forget their charger at home or there is no place to charge the phone in surrounding areas. In these situations, a backup charger will be his savior. It is small, convenient and he can bring it to everywhere he wants.

Pop up card

9 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day 9

Pop up Card for dad

Last but not least, a 3d pop up cards is what you need to give your father on his day. Why? It is a perfect way for you to deliver your heartfelt messages to him. Besides, with a unique 3d papercraft inside each card, pop up cards for dad will be a surprise gift for any recipients.


Before purchasing a gift for your father, you need to consider what your father really needs and what he is interested in. We believe that no matter what you give him, your father will like it. However, if you can give him what he always wants, he will undoubtedly be happier and more excited. We wish you and your father an amazing Father’s Day.