5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique

Valentine’s Day is not only a time for everyone to exchange flowers, gifts, and candies but also a special occasion to share unforgettable moments with the one you love. If you are finding some great ideas to surprise your girl on the day of Love, check out our 5 ways to make this Valentine’s Day more unique and impressive right away.

  1. Know what she likes best.

5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique

Know what she like

First of all, you need to know exactly what your girlfriend likes most. This seems a little difficult for you to remember all her hobbies because your girl may like a lot of things. What she likes often depends on her mood, right?

Let us make this easier for you. Just focus on what she has told and done recently. For example, did she mention that her favorite type of lipstick would sell-off at the end of this week? Or, did she tag her friends in some Instagram or Facebook posts and show her excitement about some purses??? This is her ”hints” for you.

Need more clues? Her best friends will be reliable and useful ”sources” for you. A girl shares (almost) everything for her BFF. In other words, they understand her more than you think. If they know you are trying to make her happy, they will help you with no condition.

  1. Get ready for your Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique 2

Ready for the big Day

To reduce unexpected things that can ruin your Day of Love, you need a strategy or a plan. The goal is to make her happy, so the preparation process must be perfect. The more specific your plan is, the better your holiday you will be.

If your sweetheart likes the fresh atmosphere, take her to a campfire or spend the day exploring the nearby jungle or mountain. Prepare all the stuff for this ”picnic” with necessary items such as sleeping bags, flashlight, some water, and food… However, make sure not to destroy the environment there. Let your girl know how you care for her and this planet.

Remember to check your budget as well. You don’t have to spend all your money to please her. Small but sincere things can warm her heart, too. As long as you still want to make her happy, she will know it and even love you more.

  1. A dance can make her day

5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique 3

Dancing with her

It is not a coincidence that the scene of a loving couple dancing always shows up in romantic novels or movies. A dance is exactly what you need to make your Valentine’s night more special.

Almost every girl in this world wants to have a dance with the love of her life, even your darling. They believe that there is nothing more romantic than this. Just imagine that you and your lover are having an amazing night with a wonderful candlelight dinner. Then, you ask her for a dance. She smiles and takes your hand. You two immerse in the sweet music. And now, you are the one and only ”prince” in her eyes.

Don’t worry if you are not a good dancer. Take your time and sign up for some dancing courses. You may not be a master after the class, but dancing with her can be an unforgettable experience for you.

  1. A special gift is another surprise for her

5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique 4

A surprise gift

Apart from a romantic dinner and dance, the very next step to make her love you more is giving her a love present. So, what kind of present will make her cry happy tears?

As we suggested in the first step, she has left you some ”hints”. We highly recommend you to make these hints come true. Purchasing her the thing she always wants. It could be a bunch of red roses, a new line of cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Or, you can amaze her with your own actions.

For example, you just simply give her a day free of house chores, cook for her, take the trash out, wash the clothes, and clean all the dishes. A delicious dinner or some sweet chocolate cakes made by you on Valentine’s Day will definitely warm her heart.

Besides, it’s time to use the support of your lover’s friends. They will help you prepare a perfect Day of Love for her.

  1. Express your thought to her

5 Ways to Make This Valentine Day More Unique 5

Talk to her

This is the most important part of the plan. You need to tell her your true feelings and how much you love her. She is worthy of knowing it. There are many ways you can use to do let her feel your love. Try to make a funny video of you two, design a love frame with your photo inside, create a craft box of love… The ideas for this day are countless. So, take this chance to show her your heartfelt affection.

In addition to that, don’t forget to give her a love card with your gift. It is another way for you to deliver your touching messages to your sweetheart. Plus, instead of sending traditional flat cards, send her a 3d popup greeting card. With amazing popup card patterns of flowers or cute animals, the card will be a surprise gift for any recipients.


We have shown you 5 simple ways for you to make this Valentine’s Day more unique. There are thousands of other ways you can use to surprise the love of your life. We believe that your girl will see all your efforts and love you more day by day. Wish you guys a happy Valentine’s Day.